Tuesday 3 February 2015

Paris Prep.

Coat - Zara, Top - New Look, Jeans - ASOS, Boots - ffomo, Sun Glasses - Marc By Marc Jacobs. 
Shirt - Charity Shop, Trousers - Charity Shop, Boots - ASOS.
This week hails the 7 day eve countdown to our life long ambition of skipping,strutting, stumbling depending on the size of your feet and alcohol consumption through the city of lights,Paris!!
Megatron and I have filled many an afternoon daydreaming about Paris and scrolling through images of a dog or a well dressed blogger in front of the Eiffel Tower...so as you can imagine we are MEGA excited!
As I write this post Megatron is drumming up the itinerary and printing out maps and we plan to watch Moulin Rouge,Marie Antoinette and Rachel Zoe In Paris for the 600th time...uni works on the back burner,priorities. This post is an outfit warm up,we're already prepping looks and baggage allowance...any of you guys have any outfit no no's and flea market suggestions etc??


Monday 5 January 2015


Coat - Vintage, Jumper Dress - Next, Boots - eBay.
Coat - asos, Polo Neck Knit - H&M, Jeans - asos, Chelsea Boots - asos 
The later half of 2014 swallowed us up and we vanished from the blogosphere. Our Moby dick was moving into our new little nest Chegan (Chelsey and Megan - genius,I know), trying to keep up with ridiculous amounts of uni work and trying to prove ourselves as housewives by crocheting, prancing around plumping up our cushions in marigolds and discovering Aldi's chicken popcorn. But we are back fully formed domestic goddesses - we now know how to unblock drains in thigh highs...so we make a vow to blog religiously wether that be in each other's clothes or in a pensioners bargain cardi. As an apology we've spruced up our layout and rinsed our bank accounts to take cheap frill's on a           
wee holiday in feb across the English Channel to Paris!! 
 Hope y'all had a beautiful Christmas and a very merry new year...

Sunday 21 September 2014

My family and i have been avid Friends watchers since the beginning, still quoting and watching episodes daily and as we are such Friends losers my cousin and I decided to throw a 20th anniversary party. We dressed as the famous 6 (and Janice) played friends quiz's and games, compiled a friends playlist on spotify (Link if you wanna have a listen) and ate a lot of friends related food e.g The Moist Maker and Joey Special... Two pizzas, We also dress the place up a little with Monica's poster and of course Cups and Ice.
 We used chocolate custard instead of beef and green smarties for the peas.
The Moist Maker (Tasted a lot better than it looks)
 From Left: Joey When trying to be 19 but also with a bag, Ross in Vegas, Monica with her Barbados hair, Janice, Phoebe with Santa pants on, Joey with bubble wrap round his head, Phoebe Sporting Christmas and Me as Monica working in the diner

Wednesday 3 September 2014

It's Our Cheap Frills first birthday today! Our first year has been filled with creased garms,super ironed shirts,bad and good hair days, ugly shoes,bargains and expensive bags...this blog has been our well dressed baby and something we've wanted to do for years. Having our cheap frills has been our favourite procrastination,fannying around with filters and pulling out old threads that we probably wouldn't of unearthed has opened so many new doors and made us some new fellow blogging friends. To think during our first year we was nominated for best blogging duo at the company awards is insane and intend to grow our blog and wardrobe....thank yo SO much to everyone who has read our dribble and followed us!
Megan Wears: Dress - Zara Sale £15, Shoes - FFOMO £21.99, Watch - Daniel Wellington, Sunglasses - £1 Primark.
Chelsey wears: Joe Blogg Jeans - £1 charity shop  Cami - £2 charity shop  Belt - £1 leicester market  Shoes - new look via asos £15.